Free Blood Pressure Testing

Do you have high blood pressure?

Here at Mooloolaba Beach Pharmacy, we offer free blood pressure checks to help you determine your cardiovascular risk and to give friendly advice about your general health and your heart’s health.

High blood pressure is also known as having hypertension. Higher levels of blood pressure are strongly associated with increasing rates of cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular events and death. Hypertension is responsible for more deaths and disease than any other risk factor worldwide. It is the major risk factor for stroke and coronary heart disease and is a major contributor to chronic heart failure and disease progression. For most patients, hypertension can be attributed to a combination of genetic and lifestyle factors. In a minority of patients it is secondary to other diseases.


Optimal Blood Pressure control has been shown to:

  • prevent or delay the development of end-stage kidney failure
  • prevent the development of coronary heart failure and help manage symptoms
  • prevent strokes and their recurrence.

Screening is one of the best ways of determining if someone has hypertension. Often, people are undiagnosed or are unaware they have high blood pressure until it is too late.

Our free blood pressure check service is available at any time, so if are wondering about how your blood pressure is going, pop in, and one of our trained staff will be more than happy to perform the check.